Devotion City

Revolutionizing artist development and education

Helping musicians grow their music

We are the all-in-one platform bridging together the business tools, industry veteran advisors, and education needed to grow musicians and their businesses.

and their businesses

What we're solving

Every musician is a small business. But, operating one is a challenge for most creatives.

As business owners, musicians face difficult operational challenges:

Limited time

Lack of funds

Building a fan base

Task management

Financial planning

Knowing what to do next


Devotion City

Built for every stage of the musician’s journey

Devotion City works alongside the next generation of musicians providing real world business tools, career education and access to industry veterans.

Real world business tools and services

Musicians save time and money with tightly-integrated tooling that helps them effectively manage their careers and focus more on their music.

Professional on-demand advice

Musicians have access to trusted industry veterans for guidance and mentorship, reducing wasted time and boosting their confidence.

World-class career education

Musicians receive a comprehensive, tailored curriculum around their specific career path, helping to demystify the industry and accelerate growth.

"I wish Devotion City existed when I was starting out. Young artists need a lot of help on the business side of their career."

Jim Peterik

Artist-In-Residence / Grammy Winner, People’s Choice Award Winner, Oscar Nominee, Legendary songwriter​

Built by music and technology professionals

We know the industry and can empathetically understand the artist. Our team includes Grammy winners, rock legends and platinum selling artists.

David Borlo


Noah Shrader

Head of Product

Sam Pritchett

Head of Content

Olivia Rudeen

Head of Artist Relations

Dan Ulbricht

Business Development

"Kuk" Harrell


Mike Gallagher

Program Execution

Sandi Clark


Jim Barkley

Artificial Intelligence

John Udelhofen

Head of Finance

Jim Peterik


Ray Austin


"We were new to the business when Gary first started. I sure wish Devotion City existed back then. It would have been very valuable."

Sandi Clark

Manager-in-Residence / Financial, Operations & Business Manager for Gary Clark Jr.